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Erie Shore Trail (Limited Use- Due to Erosion)

17689 Erieau Road, Chatham-Kent, ON, Canada
800 metres
2 metres
Running Slope:
Average 2% Exceeds 5% in some locations
Cross Slope:
Average of 1% with short sections up to 5%

Trail Description:

Located on the western outskirts of Erieau, where the one-way street starts and ends at the McGeachy Pond Conservation Area. This trail is built on the dyke bordering the Lake Erie shoreline overlooking the lake and its beach area.

The trail is impacted by Lake Erie and has limited use due to the erosion that takes place during high wind and water events.

A portable washroom will be made available to users from April 1st- October 30th. The washroom is available at the entrance of the Marsh Trail. Should the washroom become vandalized it may be removed.

Parking is located at the McGeachy Pond Trail Entrances at Erie Shore Drive and Erieau Road Entrance or at the Erieau Marsh Trail entrance, or a couple spots can be located across from the Erieau Marsh Trail beside the Erieau Shore Trail entrance on the lake side. Parking is also available long the Erieau BLVD trail located within Erieau.

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