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Erieau Boulevard Trail

300 Mariners Road, Erieau, ON, Canada
1000 metres
3 metres
Running Slope:
Average 2%
Cross Slope:
Average 1%

Trail Description:

A multi-use, asphalt trail through the centre of Erieau is the perfect place to go for a jog, ride your bike, or take a peaceful stroll through the town. As you leave Erieau, enjoy the rest of the beautiful Erieau trail system by continuing on the Erie Shore Trail.

A portable washroom will be made available to users from April 1st- October 30th. The washroom is available at the entrance of the Marsh Trail. Should the washroom become vandalized it may be removed.

Parking is located along the Erieau BLVD Trail.

  • Washrooms
  • Parking
  • Pets
  • cycling
  • running
  • walking
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