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Erieau Marsh Trail

17689 Erieau Road, Erieau, ON, Canada
1800 metres
2 metres
Running Slope:
Average 2% Maximum 5% in some locations
Cross Slope:
Average of 1% with short sections up to 5%

Trail Description:

This trail offers stunning views of Rondeau Bay and is on a former rail bed, and you may still notice some visible tracks. It features a viewing stand over Rondeau Bay, which makes a wonderful birdwatching location. This waterfront trail is an inviting route between Erieau and Blenheim.

A portable washroom will be made available to users from April 1st- October 30th. The washroom is available at the entrance of the Marsh Trail. Should the washroom become vandalized it may be removed.

Parking is located at the Entrance to the Erieau Marsh Trail.

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