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Heritage Walk- Heritage Tree Trail

Heritage Walks
Running Slope:
Average 2%
Cross Slope:
Average 1%

Trail Description:

This trail provides an opportunity for a walking tour to view over a dozen different tree species. The trail is close to the downtown core, mainly along Elizabeth and Elgin Streets. The list of trees along the route includes such rarities as Hackberry and Kentucky Coffee trees. Each heritage tree displays a plaque bearing both the common name and botanical name of the tree. Originally a project of the Heritage Tree Committee of the Wallaceburg Horticultural Society, Wallaceburg trails has taken on the task of promoting awareness and preservation of these valuable trees. The trail is on municipal sidewalks and is approximately 4 km long.

Some of the trees that one can see along the trail:
•Horse Chestnut
•Black Walnut
•Sugar Maple
•Bur Oak
•Norway Maple
•Kentucky Coffee Tree
•Swamp White Oak
•Cutleaf Japanese Maple
•Cutleaf Silver Maple
•Japanese Maple

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